Many of the animals in Bjørneparken want to meet you. If you want the animals to become your friend, there are a few things you need to remember:


Learn about the animals
Listen carefully to what the zookeepers tells you. They know the animals well and know what the animals like. You might meet a pig that loves to be scratched behind the ear. Or a moose who fancy a carrot. If you sit very still, you might even be approached by a fox that will sniff at you.

Animals like to decide for themselves
The animals like to decide for themselves whether they should sleep, play, cuddle or greet someone.

Animals do not want to be carried around
Animals want to walk for themselves. Animal lovers never lift the lambs, the rabbits or the other animals.

Let the animals make their own choice
When you want to get to know an animal it is wise to let the animal choose whether it will approach you.

Be calm and use a kind voice
Animals may be afraid if you run towards them, or if you make noise. They may also be fearful or shy at first when they meet someone they do not know. It is advisable to go quietly, sit down and make yourself a little smaller than the animal, and talk with kind voice.

If you want to become friends with the animals, and find it a little difficult to remember everything, ask the zookeepers for help!