Bjørneparken is a full-day experience, with talks feeds and animal encounters throughout the day. Bjørneparken (The Bear Park) is a zoo that is home to a number of magnificent animals like lynx, fox, deer, moose, hedgehog and a variety of domestic animals such as goats, alpacka, ducks and sheep.
Visit our bear in their den. This exiting encounter will bring you face to face with the bears. Watch the lynx «Blixten» hunt for food. Attend our Children’s Zookeeper School, hand feed the moose, visit the foxes and zookeepers interact with our bears. Large bridges through the terrain makes it easy for you to move around the park.
The trend in European zoos nowadays is fewer animals in larger enclosures. Our large natural enclosures ensure the safety and independence of our animals, and we take pride in the high standard of living we provide for them. We have a special focus on predators in our park, and seek to expand our already diverse portfolio of predatory animals. Check in at our websites for updates and new arrivals.
Loads of fun and learning
If your stomack is growling, you can visit our cafeteria or Bamsebua coffeeshop. You will also find a candy land.
For the kids to explore, we have two large outdoor playgrounds, an obstacle course, one super cool zip-line, and an indoor playground.
In 2014 our state of the art Carnivore Center opened, with interactive learning about the four major Norwegian predators; the bear, the wolf, the wolverine and the Eurasian lynx.

Where is it?
Bjørneparken is located in Flå in Hallingdal. The park is beautifully situated about 300 meters from highway 7, 1 hour and 30 minutes drive from Oslo and from Geilo, and 1 hour and 40 minutes drive from Drammen.


Please click here to view our map. Clicking on the line below the map will show you the travel route from where you are.

If I´m only going to visit one attraction this summer, why should it be Bjørneparken?
Bjørneparken is fun and exciting, and one of the largest parks in Norway. We are constantly working to make the park even better for our main group of visitors – families with children. We do this through our feeding schedules, development with new animals and activities involving children.

For us it is about passion and respect – not only for the wonderful animals, but also for the people who choose to visit us. ☺

Why is it called Bjørneparken when you have so much else?
We use the name Bjørneparken because of our lovely bears and due to the fact that we have a number of other animals in the park, and more to come. But the bears will probably always remain closest to our hearts.

Can I bring my dog?
Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed in Norwegian zoos. However, we have a day care for dogs in a shaded area outside the park. You can borrow a key for the dog cages in the arrivals hall for a deposit.